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Keeler Windsor Blood Pressure Monitor BHS ValidatedChild Cuff

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Keeler Windsor Blood Pressure Monitor BHS ValidatedChild Cuff


A blood pressure monitor with three well thought-out options for your everyday routine

• Generously dimensioned scale ( 145.5mm) and high-contrast scale layout for optimum readability; scale up to 300 mm Hg
• Spacious basket on the reverse side for tubes and cuffs
• Latex free bulb to infl ate the cuff
• Non-wearing air-release valve with fi ne adjustment
• Micro-fi lter to protect the release valve and measurement system
• Specially hardened copper-beryllium membrane, which is resistant
to ageing, can withstand pressures of up to maximum 600 mm Hg
• Precision mechanism mounted on a special support, in order to
ensure complete stability of the measuring system and the zero-point
• Exact zero-positioning of the pointer in production
• Maximum error tolerance: ± 3 mm Hg

Genuine Keeler quality, the Windsor bpm is the highest grade
aneroid blood pressure monitor, whilst remaining cost effective.
The Windsor is especially large and a sturdy device which will
effortlessly master tough everyday situations in any practice
or hospital. Whether desk, wall or fl oor models, the attractive design and top-quality fi nish make the Windsor more comfortable and easy to use in all surroundings. All appliances can be obtained latex-free.

The attachment of the precision mechanism to a sturdy metal support and the extra-large pressure membrane ensure reliable
zero-positioning of the pointer.

Desk model:
• Reliable and fl exible helpers in busy everyday practice
• Robust, stable base
• Chromium-plated tube screw connection to allow quick changing of cuffs
• Spiral tube can be extended up to 3m


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