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User-friendly screening and monitoring device, immediately available at any time to manually record transient cardiac events, suitable for patient and professional use. Helpful in determining cardiac aetiology of symptomatic events. Monitoring of heart condition for ambulatory patients exposed to stroke, MI and sudden death risk. Monitoring of efficacy and tolerance to medication regimen.

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Monitoring on a Regular Basis

Ischaemic heart disease or arrhythmia can be transient. ECG performed and read at a hospital clinic or doctor’s surgery is the normal investigation to establish if cardiac conditions are present. Due to the transient symptoms, abnormalities are not always detected, although disease is actually a problem in daily life.

The Holter ECG is an alternative in these circumstances, but involves a minimum of 24 hours with the patient wearing the device and its attached electrodes and leads. It is also costly and time intensive for staff and still does not always record an event occurring.

Sometimes the worsening of heart condition (increasing repetitive pattern of transient abnormalities) can alert and allow taking corrective treatments before a potential heart attack or stroke.

The HeartScan ECG monitor can detect the waveform and provide to the doctor relevant data on the heart condition of the patient in daily life.

HeartScan Intended Use

User-friendly screening and monitoring device, immediately available at any time to manually record transient cardiac events, suitable for patient and professional use. Helpful in determining cardiac aetiology of symptomatic events. Monitoring of heart condition for ambulatory patients exposed to stroke, MI and sudden death risk. Monitoring of efficacy and tolerance to medication regimen.

The HeartScan ECG Monitor should only be used by patients following consultation with a medical professional.

Patients with transient or paroxysmal events of:
Brady- and Tachycardia
Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

Patients with complaints of suspected cardiac origin:
Chest/arm pain
Shortness of breath

Patients on medication:
Medication tolerance
Medication efficacy
Medication compliance

Patients after medical cardiac intervention
Checking frequency of AF and Arrhythmia
Checking severity of AF and Arrhythmia

Patients with high risk sources on CVD (eg ESC SCORE card)
Smoking etc

Taking a closer look at Cardiovascular Risk Monitoring
In Europe the main cause of mortality is cardiovascular disease or CVD 9eg stroke, heart attack, heart failure). A major risk factor for CVD is high blood pressure. Omron has an established reputation on monitoring of blood pressure in the home as well as hospital settings and now Omron has applied their traditional expertise in sensor technology to take the next step in CVD monitoring in the home care situation.
According to the company philosophy, Omron has developed a new home monitoring device. The new HeartScan ECG monitor senses the heart waveform and indicates potential ECG abnormalities.
The ECG waveform from the heart shows when the heart contracts and relaxes and gives the heart rhythm of consecutive heartbeats. In a healthy heart the waveform pattern shows a regular shape and rhythm whereas in the case of heart disease, abnormalities can be detected.
Symptoms such as heart pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath may be signs of heart disease such as angina or cardiac infarction. With the Omron Portable HeartScan ECG Monitor, a recording of about 30 seconds can be made when symptoms occur whether at home or away. These recordings can then be shown for information so the doctor, who can examine it and use it for correct diagnosis. From analysis of the waveform some information can be obtained on the presence of arrhythmia or ST level deviations related to ischaemic heart disease.
Taking the condition of the user into consideration, the user friendly and ergonomic design allows the user to take a reading instantly and discretely. The design of the pick up sensor system provides a sufficiently clear signal for further evaluation in the ECG device.
By comparing your electrocardiogram rhythm and shape with normal waves, various heart diseases can be diagnosed.
Basic Functioning Principle of the Omron HeartScan
  • Actual Heart Rate
  • Detail ECG
  • 30 second ECG recording with window indication
ECG analysis result on:
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rhythm
  • Heart waveform
30 seconds average heart rate, 3 stage deviation level indication
  • Store data yes or no (none or sleight deviations from normal)
  • Data is stored (moderate deviations from normal)
  • Data is stored, please show your doctor (significant deviations from normal)
Date & time of measurement, ECG analysis result indicator
  1. Stable waveform
  2. Fast heart rate
  3. Fast and irregular heart rate
  4. Fast heart rate and deviating waveform
  5. Fast and irregular heart rate, deviating waveform
  6. Slow heart rate
  7. Slow and irregular heart rate
  8. Slow and deviating waveform
  9. Slow and irregular heart rate, deviating waveform
  10. Irregular heart rate
  11. Irregular heart rate and deviating waveform
  12. Deviating waveform
  13. Analysis impossible, please measure again
Where can HeartScan be used?
Primary Care
In primary care the HeartScan ECG Monitor offers a fast way to pre-screen a patient in the office on possible CVD related complaints. The device can give a clear picture of the heart rhythm in only 30 seconds and the device can show events such as systoles, premature ventricular contractions, super ventricular premature contractions and ST level deviations.
Outpatient Visit
The portability of the device makes it very suitable to use on outpatient visits. The direct on screen display makes it possible to evaluate the ECG without first printing or downloading the reading.
Home care Situation
Worried patients without obvious CVD risk factors in daily practice can use the device for home monitoring. By having these patients monitoring themselves the complaints can be confirmed to be related to a cardiac condition. The device can help assess the necessity to refer the patient to secondary care.
This medical equipment is meant only as a reference in assisting doctors make a diagnosis and is not a diagnosis in itself. Self diagnosis and treatment based on measurement results is very dangerous. Please ask your doctor to analyze the measurement results (electrocardiogram) and do not make a self diagnosis based on display messages. Self diagnosis based on measurement results can cause more serious symptoms.
Secondary Care
When after 12 lead ECG, exercise and Holter/event the complaints cannot be explained due to the transient character, the HeartScan ECG Monitor can be a valuable addition. Instead of discharging these patients the device can be lent out for a longer period of time to use when symptoms occur. Alternatively the patient can be instructed to measure at regular intervals to assess circadian influences.
In situations where patients refuse implantation of an event recorder, this device can be a substitute. The decision to suggest the implanted recorder could be preceded by a period using the HeartScan ECG Monitor.
After diagnose is established and the patient is prescribed to take medication the HeartScan ECG Monitor can be used to check medication tolerance, efficacy and compliance. When the medication is properly dosed and the patient is complying with the medication regime the use of the device can be stopped.
When hospitalised not all patients are under 24-hour surveillance for heart monitoring. There are several circumstances where the HeartScan ECG monitor would be a valuable tool for a quick scan of heart function:
  • Before and after dialysis
  • Patients after operation
  • Patients in emergency room
The unique features of the HeartScan ECG Monitor make this a versatile multi-purpose tool for medical professionals. The cordless operation and direct on screen display allows a quick scan of the heart condition and due to the compact design the device fits in a white coat pocket or doctor’s bag.
  • This model DOES NOT include the analysis software
  • Portable and compact
  • Direct review of results on clearly readable, high resolution screen with backlight
  • Cordless (no need to wear electrodes, no difficulties with cables)
  • Very user friendly
  • Economically priced
  • Low power consumption (works on rechargeable batteries)
  • PC download through SD memory for 300, date & time stamped, measurements

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