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  • Essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items for infection control

    25th February 2020

    It’s that time of year when winter colds and viruses pose a heightened risk to our health. The current spread of Coronavirus is a global concern and one that serves as a timely reminder to champion high standards of personal hygiene. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) protects individuals from...

  • What you need to know about defibrillators and AEDs

    25th February 2020

    What is a defibrillator? Are defibrillators and AEDs the same thing? These are common questions that derive from a general misunderstanding on one of first aid’s essential items. Access to AEDs, whether at work, a sports event, or in a public place, can be the difference between life...

  • Defibrillators for schools and the options available

    4th February 2020

    It’s a common misconception that heart attacks and cardiac arrest are conditions that only affect older adults.  The reality is that people of all ages, including children, are at risk. Thankfully, such complications among children are rare. Nevertheless, the Resuscitation Council reports that out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) affects...

  • A guide to HSE Compliance and what your workplace first aid kit needs

    29th January 2020

    HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines state that employers are required to ensure their employees receive immediate help when taken ill or injured at work.  The regulator has revealed that 581,000 workers in Britain sustained a non-fatal injury in the workplace during 2018/19. Of these incidents, 29% were...

  • The different types of first aid kit and what they contain

    29th January 2020

    First aid kits come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with varieties catered to a multitude of industries and environments.  From kits packed solely for individual use, to those equipped for sports teams, here’s a look at the different types of first aid kit and what...

  • Shocking medical treatments from the past

    16th January 2020

    We are fortunate today to have access to a wide range of safe and effective first aid medical practices.  It hasn’t always been this way. To kick off the new year and celebrate the turn of a new decade, we’ve looked to the past to appreciate how far...

  • Sports first aid kit essentials and the common injuries they treat

    15th January 2020

    No matter what stage of the season, it’s crucial that you have a fully stocked sports first aid kit to hand. All sports teams and sporting events should possess first aid equipment that’s catered to common injuries. When an incident occurs on the field, pitchside treatment is crucial...

  • The latest BSI standards for workplace first aid kits explained

    15th January 2020

    It’s been 12 months since the British Standards Institute (BSI) updated its requirements for workplace first aid kits.  By now, workplaces of all sizes should have phased out their old kits to be compliant with the latest checklist.  The BSI regularly reviews the contents of first...

  • Blood types explained and why some groups are rarer than others

    16th December 2019

    There’s a lot more to our blood than meets the eye. We are each part of one of many different blood groups, each with its own qualities. What differentiates each type is crucial when it comes to blood transfusions. Not all groups are compatible and some are far...

  • A first aid checklist for New Year’s Eve celebrations

    13th December 2019

    It’s almost time to raise a glass to 2019 and celebrate the start of a brand new decade.  While New Year’s Eve can be the perfect way to round off the fun of the festive season, you’ll want to be prepared for any unfortunate mishaps.  As...