Biosafe 2 Clean Up Packs

Product Code: Biosafe2CleanUpPacks_51020
A procedure pack for the safe removal and disposal of blood, vomit or urine. Single use application.

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Biohazard Clean Up Pack Premium (Single Use) View Details

Biohazard Clean Up Pack Premium (Single Use)

Product Code: 51021
Instructions for use1
Disposable Polythene Apron1
Biohazard Bag (Self Seal)1
Pair of Disposable Gloves1
Disinfectant Wipe1
Cardboard Scoop & Scraper1
Disposable Face Mask5

Biohazard Clean Up Pack Premium (Single Use)

The Biohazard Clean Up Premium pack offers a number of additional benefits to the basic Biohazard Clean Up Pack, these include a plastic scoop and scrape, non woven dry towel and plastic over sleeves. If the spill is of a significant volume or liquid then the user may be best served by using one of our Biohazard kits with the absorbent granules to assist with the removal, these can be found here.

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Biohazard Clean Up Pack (Single Use) View Details

Biohazard Clean Up Pack (Single Use)

Product Code: 51020
Biohazard Clean Up Pack Single UseThis Biohazard Clean Up Pack offers the user basic protection when dealing with the safe removal of blood, vomit and urine. The user is protected by wearing the disposable apron, gloves and face mask provided and the spill can be cleared up using the cardboard scoop and scraper and placed in the Biohazard bag provided. The area can then be wiped down using the disinfectant wipe provided.
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