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Accosson Greenlight 300 with Adult Velcro Cuff

Product Code: Greenlight_300
The Greenlight 300 model has been developed to provide a reliable and accurate alternative to the mercury sphygmomanometer. It has been designed in the UK, specifically for use in the NHS. The Greenlight 300 is suitable for any patient group, including the elderly and pregnant. Key Features Manual device No need for health and safety consideration due to the absence of mercury. Bright moving light indicates cuff pressure. Displays every 2mmHg Easy to read measurements Auto calibration to zero each time it is switched on. Cuff deflation rate displayed. Compatible with any cuff size. Available as a portable desk model, or it can be mounted onto a stand or wall. Frequent calibration checks are not required. Clinically validated.

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1772 Accosson Grenlight Wall Model Conversion Kit View Details

Accosson Grenlight Wall Model Conversion Kit

Product Code: Greenlight_300_1772
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FAW702 Accoson Greenlight 300 With Adult Velcro Cuff View Details

Accoson Greenlight 300 With Adult Velcro Cuff

Product Code: Greenlight_300_FAW702
This model is primarily designed for desk use and comes equipped with an adult sized, velcro cuff. It is possible to purchase both stand and wall mounting kits that are compatible with this item.
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