Laerdal Module Fundus Skills & Assessment - for Nursing Anne and Catheterisation/Enema Task Trainer

Product Code: 32500450
The Laerdal Fundus Skills and Assessment Module features the normal anatomy of the status-post or post-partum female abdomen designed for training fundus assessment and massage skills. Educationally effective for in-hospital practice of postpartum physical assessment including identification and treatment of normal and abnormal assessment findings Flexible module designed for teaching: -  Interventions for excessive postpartum bleeding including fundal massage and prevention of bladder distention -  Accurate visual examination of postpartal blood loss -  Perineal care including interventions for episiotomy and haemorrhoidsProduct features :Removable skin with umbilicus Realistic landmark of the symphysis pubis Interchangeable firm contracted and "boggy" uteri -  Approximately a 3" diameter ball to simulate a firm, well contracted uterus -  Approximately a 4" diameter ball to simulate a "boggy" uterus that has not contractedFundus offset secondary to bladder distention Female Genitalia -  Elongated with swelling to the clitoral area -  Vaginal orifice is more visible and opened -  Labium minus more flapped to expose the vaginal canal -  2nd-degree midline episiotomy -  Anal hemorrhoids visible Use of peri pads and simulated blood allows for representation of blood loss after birth for practice of visual estimation skills Includes: 1 Abdominal/Pelvis Skin, 1 Fundus Platform, 1 Contracted Uterus (3" ball), 1 Boggy Uterus (4" ball), 1 Female Genitalia, 1 Symphysis Pubis (Pelvic Pin), 1 Urinary Bladder Reservoir, 3 Urinary Connector Valves, 2 Clamps, 1 Bottle Red Simulated Blood, 5 Peri Pads, 1 Bottle Talcum Powder and Directions for UseCompatible with Laerda Nursing Anne and Female Complete Care Doll Manikins For use with Laerdal Interchangeable Catheterization and Enema Task Trainer and Nursing Anne

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