Laerdal HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator with Carry Case

Product Code: HS1_M5066A_M5066AABUC01

The Philips / Laerdal Heartstart HS 1 First Aid AED is a compact semi automatic unit aimed at individuals trained in basic life support but who would be expected to use the equipment infrequently. Ease of Use. Clear calm voice instructions guide the rescuer through each step of defibrillation including CPR coaching. The "smart" electrode pads are stored in a hard cased cartridge that slots into the front of the defibrillator, automatically making an electrical connection. The pads sense when they are removed from the cartridge and are applied to the patient. A special infant / child smart pad cartridge can be installed which automatically lowers energy levels more appropriate for paediatric defibrillation. Upon pressing the shock button the unit delivers a truncated exponential biphasic waveform. The energy level is nominally fixed at 150 J (Adult) and 50 J (paediatric) however this will vary depending on the patient impedence. The Heartstart HS 1 is capable of providing a minimum of 200 shocks or 3 hours of operating time from its non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery. The first 15 minutes of ECG and the entire incidents events and analysis decisions are recorded and the data can be transferred to a PC via a built in infrared port and reviewed using event review or event review express software. The Heartstart HS 1 performs automatic daily self tests and self tests when the unit is switched on these tests include internal circuitry, pads cartridge and battery capacity.A blinking green "Ready" light means the unit has passed its last self test so is ready for use.

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HeartStart HS1 is an affordable first aid defibrillator intended to be placed wherever it may take more than five minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

With the HeartStart HS1 first aid defibrillator anybody can help save a life with minimal training.

Always ready - virtually maintenance free.

HeartStart HS1 has a long-life battery: 4 years in standby.

Daily self-tests check pads, battery and the electrical components.

Green 'Ready' light means the HeartStart is ready for use.

A warning beep will sound when battery or pads need to be replaced or the unit needs other service.

Easy to use.

A defibrillator so simple to operate that a responder with a minimal training can save the life of a co-worker, friend or member of the public.

The HeartStart HS1 guides the user through each step of defibrillation, including CPR Coaching.

Integrated SMART Pads placed on the victim's bare skin ensure that the defibrillator adapts to the user's actions every step of the way.

Safe, effective and fast.

The HeartStart HS1 includes proven Philips technologies for heart rhythm assessment (SMART Analysis) and defibrillation energy delivery (SMART Biphasic).

Like all HeartStart Defibrillations, the HS1 can be used to treat infants and children as well as adults.

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