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Burnkool Dressing 10cm x 10cm (Each)
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Blue Dot Burn First Aid KitEmergency Burns kits to quickly treat  burns, scalds and sunburn,  for use in the workplace, at home, or on holiday for fast effective relief.
Blue Dot Burn First Aid Kit
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BurnKool 3.5g Burn Gel (Each)
BurnKool 3.5g Burn Gel (Each)
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Suitable for emergency care on burns, scalds and sunburn. Moisturises, cools and soothes, minimises trauma and helps prevent infection. First Aid Burn Gel for minor burns and scalds. BurnKool dressings promptly relieve pain and protect the wound from further contamination, cooling the burn, reducing burn progression.
BurnKool Dressing 5 x 15 (Each)
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BurnKool Burn Gel 120ml (Each)
BurnKool Burn Gel 120ml (Each)
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BurnKool Burn Gel 50ml (Each)
BurnKool Burn Gel 50ml (Each)
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BurnKool Hydrogel Burn Dressing Ideal for soothing burns from sunburn, boiling liquids and hot surfaces Minimises trauma and skin damage assists with moist wound healing, which heals wounds quicker than generic wound healing moistens, cools and soothes the burn.
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Irripod® - Normal Saline. Exceptional Value Irripod® is a preservative-free isotonic sterile solution of sodium chloride in water, used for topical irrigation and cleansing of wounds and burns. Irripod® comes in handy twist-open pods, ideal for accurate directional irrigation Dispensing gentle drops. 20ml Irripod Sodium Chloride Irrigation Pods 0.9% (Box 25)
WaterJel 20cm x 45cm Burn Dressing
Bluedot Premier H-F Antidote Gel First Aid Kit (Each)Bluedot Premier H-F Antidote Gel First Aid Kit (Each)
Water-Jel Face Dressing features nose, mouth and eye slits and eyelid flaps. The non-woven dressing is saturated with cooling gel to immediately provide relief to the casualty and halt the progression of the burn. They are non-adherent so they will not stick to burn injuries.
Burnkool Sterile Hydrogel Burn Dressing in size 10 centimetres by 40 centimetres. Ideal for soothing burns from sunburn, boiling liquids and hot surfaces. Minimises trauma and skin damage.

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