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Smarty Saver AED Carry Bag (Each)
Smarty Saver AED Carry Bag (Each)
£96.00 inc VAT
Smarty Saver Disposable Battery (Each)
Smarty Saver Disposable Battery (Each)
£252.00 inc VAT
Smarty Saver Disposable, Universal, Preconnected PADs. Universal disposable adult and paediatric PADs for use with the Smarty Saver defibrillator.Smarty Saver Disposable, Universal, Preconnected PADs (Pair)
Indoor lockable cabinet for housing the Smarty Saver defibrillators. Sleek design with non-sharp corners for added safety. Clear perspex front enables clear visibility of AED at all times. Sufficient space to store defibrillator and carry case.
Smarty Saver Indoor Cabinet Lockable Without Alarm (Each)
Smarty Saver CD-ROM Saver View Express (Each)
Smarty Saver Disposable, Preconnected, Face-to-Face PADs (Pair)
Smarty Saver Micro SD Card (Each)
Smarty Saver Micro SD Card (Each)
£11.99 inc VAT
The Rescue kit is ideal to buy alongside any AED and includes all the accessories you may need to use when responding to an emergency situation. Prepare a casualty for defibrillation with this highly portable kit. Contains all the essential equipment needed to safely perform defibrillation. Blue Dot Emergency AED Response Kit (Each)
Smarty Saver Memory Card Reader (Each)
Smarty Saver Wall Bracket in Stainless Steel

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