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It’s that time of year when winter colds and viruses pose a heightened risk to our health. The current spread of Coronavirus is a global concern and one that serves as a timely reminder to champion high standards of personal hygiene.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) protects individuals from a wide range of health and safety risks. This specialised department of first aid equipment features infection control solutions; everything from hand sanitiser to disposable gloves and clinical waste bags.

The following PPE items can greatly reduce your chances of picking up and spreading infection. Each would compliment first aid kits both at home and in the workplace.

Face masks and shields

First aid PPE face masks and face shields
Face masks and face shields can help prevent the spread of airborne germs.

Wearing a face mask, otherwise known as a surgical mask, can reduce the spread of bacteria. These are worn as standard by medical professionals and sometimes by members of the public to reduce the chance of catching an airborne virus. The surgical face mask is designed to block liquid droplets which may carry harmful germs. One-use masks are usually effective for a number of hours.

Face masks are sometimes used in conjunction with face shields. Shields protect a larger area of the face; including eyes, which can be an entry point for some infectious airborne diseases.

Hand sanitiser

first aid hand sanitiser
Hand sanitiser is perfect for personal hygiene on the go.

Hand sanitiser is available in pocket-sized dispensers and is convenient for use on the go when you don’t have access to soap and clean water.

It also has a role to play in first aid. Hand sanitiser can be extremely useful at the scene of an accident; its use both before and after the treatment of wounds will work to safeguard the health of the casualty and the person treating them.

Alcohol and disinfectant wipes

first aid alcohol wipes and disinfectant wipes
Alcohol wipes and disinfectant wipes.

These handy wipes are perfect for disinfecting everything from hard surfaces to non-invasive medical devices and equipment. Suitable across a variety of industries as well as home use, alcohol and disinfectant wipes can help neutralise the threat of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi.

Disposable gloves

disposable gloves for first aid and ppe
Disposable gloves protect the skin and help to limit the spread of germs

Disposable gloves are commonplace across a multitude of industries and there are many types available. Medical workplaces, catering environments, and mechanical workshops all depend on a particular variety to ensure the hygiene of workers and the public is not at risk.

Both sterile and non-sterile gloves help to protect the skin and prevent the transferral of bacteria. Cleaners, food preppers, and doctors all depend on them.

You may be wondering why there are so many materials; with nitrile, latex, vinyl, and polythene all on offer. Read our guide to buying disposable gloves for an in-depth look at the characteristics of each.

Absorbent granules

Absorbent granules deal with body spills safely.

Hazardous spillages can be dealt with effectively with the help of absorbent granules. Turning liquids into solids makes them far easier to collect and dispose of.

You’ll commonly find these used in hospitals, high risk work environments, and at the scene of an accident. Nevertheless, you may be relieved to have some granules to hand should someone become physically ill at work or in school. Use a scoop and scraper to safely move the solidified spill into a clinical waste bag.

Disinfectant spray

first aid disinfectant spray for ppe
Eliminate bacteria safely with disinfectant spray.

Multipurpose disinfectant spray is perfect for hard surfacing and sanitising areas following body fluid spills. It’s effective against a range of bacteria, microorganisms and viruses.

Clinical waste bags

first aid clinical waste bags for ppe
Clear harmful substances with clinical waste bags.

Hazardous waste can include anything from materials used to clean up bodily fluids to discarded plasters. It’s crucial that workplaces are equipped to deal with the safe disposal of such items as they can carry harmful and contagious infections.

Clinical waste bags are clearly marked with a biohazard symbol and can be used for everything from used bandages to needles and tissues.

If you are an employer, remember that it is your legal duty to ensure that your workplace is provided with appropriate first aid equipment. At First Aid Warehouse we have a comprehensive range of PPE kits, individual items, and refills to ensure you have everything required.


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