No matter what stage of the season, it’s crucial that you have a fully stocked sports first aid kit to hand.

All sports teams and sporting events should possess first aid equipment that’s catered to common injuries. When an incident occurs on the field, pitchside treatment is crucial to safeguarding the health of those involved.

Tending to minor knocks and scrapes effectively will ensure players are able to return to the action safely and swiftly. In the event of a more serious altercation, such as a fractured bone or break, the right items can prevent further damage being inflicted to the injured area while you await medical support.

Essential Sports First Aid

The simplest way to ensure you have everything you’ll need is to buy a pre-packed sports first aid kit. These specialist kits come in a range of sizes that cater to clubs and events of all levels. If you have a kit that has been in use for some time, a take stock of essential items will ensure each is fit for purpose. For example, you’ll need to regularly check that heat and freeze sprays still work and sterile items are still in date.

The range of sports first aid kits from Blue Dot stem from small bags packed full of the minimum essentials, to larger, more advanced bags that feature a comprehensive roster of items for larger sports clubs.

Small Sports First Aid Kit

This simple kit is lightweight and compact, perfect for small sports clubs and for treating minor injuries. The first thing to note is the bag itself. Designed bright orange in colour for visibility with a grip sealed water-resistant foil pack, the kit is perfectly suited for outdoor conditions.

Inside, the contents include:

  • First aid guidance leaflet x1
  • Conforming bandage x1
  • Crepe bandage x1
  • Pair of gloves x1
  • Microporous tape x1
  • Sterile cleansing wipes x10
  • Resuscitation face shield x1
  • Safety pins x6
  • Ice pack x2
  • Large dressing x1
  • Medium dressing x1

While being the smallest of the sports first aid kits, the essentials within this bag cater to the most common of injuries.

You’ll need bandages to tend to sprained ankles and injured arms, dressings to cover bleeding wounds, and ice packs to reduce swelling and muscle pain. Safety pins and tape keep bandages and dressings in place, while cleansing wipes and gloves maintain a clean and sterile environment that prevents infection and contamination.

A premium variant of the small kit offers extra items such as eyewash pods, skin closure strips and heat spray.

Medium Sports First Aid Kit

A medium sized kit goes further to provide additional items for larger clubs. These include washproof plasters, clinical waste bags, and a foil blanket. You’ll also find a wider range of bandages and dressings here, together with higher quantities of some essentials found in the small kit.

There is also a premium variant of this size that offers some extra items such as heat spray and fabric plasters. You can read up on the purpose of different plaster types here.

Large Sports First Aid Kit

The large sports kit caters to larger groups and clubs, containing ample quantities of all the first aid essentials and more. With eight internal pockets, the bag also offers plenty of room to bulk up on extras.

At First Aid Warehouse we stock a range of sports first aid kits of all sizes. You’ll also find first aid refill packs that are ideal for ensuring you’re regularly replenishing the items you need. We also offer discounts on bulk and repeat orders. Contact us for details.

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