Some surprising first aid items that are worth carrying

From the backpacks of travellers' and survivalists to the humble family home, a fully stocked first aid kit should always be on hand in case of emergencies.

When was the last time you updated the contents of your first aid kit? Whether recently or some time ago, it’s possible that there are some overlooked items well worthy of inclusion. 

Your trusty medical toolkit would undoubtedly benefit from the following suggestions that are not as commonly associated with first aid as plasters and bandages. 

Maternity pads

A maternity pad for first aid.
Maternity pads are versatile items in first aid.

Both tampons and maternity pads can be highly effective in first aid. The highly absorbent qualities of a tampon could prove to lifesaving when packing up a bleeding wound, while maternity pads serve as a decent dressing while awaiting professional help. Ensure you aren’t using a scented variety.

Tongue depressors

Tongue depressors for first aid.
A set of tongue depressors.

These are more versatile than you might think. A tongue depressor can serve as a decent splint for a broken or badly sprained finger.

Safety pins

Six safety pins for first aid.
Safety pins are sometimes overlooked in first aid kits.

While safety pins are often featured on first aid kit checklists, it can still be surprisingly common for them to be overlooked. Compact in size, they are ideal for holding bandages together and removing splinters.

Thermal blankets

An emergency thermal blanket for first aid.
Thermal blankets can regulate body temperature.

It’s common to go into shock after sustaining a serious injury. Thermal blankets work to prevent shock by comforting a casualty and retaining their body heat. Not only do they keep the body warm in cold conditions, they also keep it cool in hot environments by reflecting sunlight.

Hand sanitiser 

Hand sanitiser for first aid use.
You'll need to clean your hands before and after treating injuries.

You don’t always have the luxury of being able to wash your hands at the scene of an accident. Hand sanitiser allows you to do this quickly and is ideal for use both before and after treating wounds. 

Haemostatic granules

These granules cause blood to clot quickly, something which can be the difference between life and death for someone who has sustained a severe wound that is bleeding heavily.

Clinical waste bags

A clinical waste bag for first aid.
Dispose of waste safely with a clinical waste bag.

Hazardous waste carries infections and toxic chemicals that can spread quickly if not handled and disposed of safely. Clinical waste bags are clearly marked with a biohazard symbol and can be used for everything from used bandages to needles and tissues. 

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