First aid at work - essential 5 items every workplace needs

With the return to working life and school on the horizon, the importance of having first aid protection has never been greater.

Here at First Aid Warehouse, we offer an extensive range of products suited to offering protection in the workplace. In a perfect world, our products would remain untouched, but these are five items that we feel are essential in safeguarding you at work:

Workplace Kit

Injury risks are frequent in all manner of workplaces, and having suitable first aid kits that comply with HSE or BSI standards is vital.

Before thinking about which kit to buy, a risk assessment is vital in determining you and your company’s exact needs. We offer two different workplace kits with varying contents to suit these requirements.

HSE Standard First Aid Kits

Over the last decade, the HSE Standard First Aid Kit has been the most regularly used workplace and home kit, specially designed for treating strains, sprains, cuts and grazes. It has been adapted over time, to keep to HSE regulations and ensure it contains more comprehensive protection.

Contents found inside the durable green box include plasters, eye pads, gloves and dressings, amongst others, to cover a range of minor injuries. It also comes with a First Aid Guidance Leaflet, providing clear instructions if the kit is needed.

We offer three different sizes, with 10, 20 or 50 person options available. This will depend on the size of your workplace, and the potential risk posed by the environment.

HSE Standard First Aid Kits


HSE Eclipse First Aid Kit

Depending on the risk assessment and specific needs of your office, you may opt to instead choose our HSE Eclipse First Aid Kit. This again comes in 10, 20 or 50 person sizes, provided in a robust box fit for lasting.

It differs from the Standard First Aid Kit in providing eye dressings and saline wound wipes, suitable for tending to various injuries.

Nursing these injuries, minor to major, is vital in preventing aggravated problems. The change in these two modern kits over recent years has allowed them to cover for a wider range of risks, giving you ease of mind should any harm occur.

HSE Eclipse First Aid Kit

Eyewash Station

Regardless of your working environment, accidents leading to eye injuries are common. Having access to eyewash stations is essential in minimising the level of damage to the eye and surrounding area, should an accident occur.

Again, depending on your level of risk and size of workplace, different options can be found. BSI recommends:


Low risk (Offices, Retail)

Our Compact 20ml Sterile Eyewash Station is the smallest eyewash station in our range, and is ideal for saving space  while still providing cover.

Supplied in a compact box, the station contains 8x 20ml sterile eyewash pods and 2 eye dressings, alongside a mirror and easy to read instructions.

The sterile 20ml eyewash pods are practical and simple to use - with twistable tops giving access to the 0.9% sodium chloride solution. This can then be applied carefully with the eye dressing to cleanse within the socket, or to treat a small graze or cut.  

Eye Care Pod Station

Medium risk (Schools, Creative Arts / Design)

If the risk of eye injury is slightly higher, to provide further safeguarding, we would suggest the Compact Eyewash Station with 2x 500ml Sterile Eyewash.

Like all of our Eyewash Stations, it can be fixed to the wall with the pre-drilled holes in each corner, making it perfect for quick access, while neatly holding the 2x 500ml sterile eyewash solutions, 2 boxed eye dressings and a small mirror to aid treatment.

The Eyewash Station range we offer, compliments our Eyewash First Aid Kits, with this being the most compact 500ml station that we stock.

It is the ideal size and solution to workplaces carrying moderate hazards, and will provide easy access to treatment for all varieties of eye injury.

Sterile Eye Wash


High risk (Kitchen work, Healthcare)

Unfortunately, eye injuries are frequent across many workplaces. While we hope that our products remain as unused as possible, in the case of emergencies it is vital to have accessible treatment on hand.

For high risk locations, we suggest the (emergency) Eyewash Station, with 2x 500ml sterile eyewash. This is also a compact product, but features a central mirror ideal for dealing instantly with the issue.

This station can hold our premium 500ml eyewash bottles with its inbuilt eyebath, along with the central mirror making it our leading option for emergencies.

Emergency Eye Wash


The staple of medical equipment – our variety of plasters at First Aid Warehouse allow you to cover a range of cuts, grazes and minor injuries. 

To avoid cross-contamination, many workplaces use our blue detectable plasters, which are highly visible if they fall off at any point.

While they’re ideal for kitchens, you may opt for fabric or waterproof plasters. These, like all of our plasters, are available in a variety of sizes, as well as mixed multipacks.

Our Quickplast product features a high-quality range of pilfer proof plasters, with blue detectable, fabric and waterproof options.

These can be very useful for restocking empty first aid kits and bags.

Quick Plast Plasters

Hand Sanitiser

While we hope to gradually move out of a Covid-19 era, the need for everyone’s favourite pocket-filler remains high.

Effective hand hygiene is crucial in countering the transferring of infectious bacteria and viruses, which is why we stock a range of high-quality hand sanitiser to safeguard you in your workplace.

It’s also crucial to use when performing first aid treatment, to shield exposed skin against infection. Our McKinnon Hand Sanitizer comes in sizes from 60ml-1000ml, and is 70% alcohol while being non-irritating to skin and complying with the latest safety assessment ISO 10993-10.

However, our range of Calypso Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels come in multipacks, and are perfect for office spaces and workplaces with larger numbers of staff.

Like a number of our products, we’re able to offer discounts for repeat and bulk orders.


Burn Kit

Burns are frequent in many workplaces, and need to be attended to quickly to restrict damage to the affected area. Non-fatal burn injuries are a leading cause of morbidity, often caused by scalds, contact burns or flames. They can cause blistering, swelling, scarring and even death in some serious 3rd degree burn cases. This is why effective and correct treatment is vital.

A staple for many workplaces is our Blue Dot Viola Burns Kit, which offers burn dressings, gels, bandages, gloves, scissors and more. They’re available in sizes regular or large, both in compact and easy to spot red boxes.

Medium Burns First Aid Kit

Depending on the conditions of your workplace, our high-quality Water-Jel range of burn kits can provide comprehensive cover for all manner of burn cases. They typically contain their uniquely formulated gel, which by not evaporating dissipates the heat of the burn. Its thickening agents and preservatives maintain the gel’s thickness, which also gives it a 5-year shelf-life. Applying quickly to the burn will ease the pain, and protect the skin against airborne contamination. The kits also include burn dressings, to further aid this process.

The range includes the XS kit, the Fire Service Kit, the Catering burns kit and Ambulance burns kit, amongst others. They can also be restocked, with our collections of Burn Dressings, Blankets and Gels.

Burn Kit

At First Aid Warehouse, we stock a variety of first aid kits of all sizes. You’ll also find first aid refill packs that are perfect for ensuring you’re stocked up with the items you need. Contact us to find out more.

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